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7 Unbelievably Simple Leisure Activities that Successful People Love

Successful or not-so-successful; everybody has a small chunk of time to spare, if not on a daily basis, then in a week or a month. But the ways in which people spend this leisure time may be pretty different. Leisure activities are something which the former category of people never misses out on.

This is how it goes. Whenever we think of “success” and “successful people”, all we think of is their work dedication, motivation, and the like. And, in this process, we dehumanize them in our minds. How it should be is that we ponder about how they strike a balance between work and play, for “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Being successful is not always about working all the time, so it is imperative that we know how these people who have reached the pedestal that they have, make time for what they love (except for work, of course!).

And if we go by the fact that the hobbies do play a very important role in the success of the people, we will find that the man in our featured image here, Steve Jobs, wouldn’t have come up with a Mac, had he not enrolled for a course in calligraphy.

So, here are 7  leisure activities that successful people prefer taking up most lovingly.

  1. Keeping Fit is Number 1 on the List

No matter what walk of life you have achieved success in, staying fit is the number one priority. It is for nothing that they say, “Health is wealth.” It is as simple as taking out an hour or half in a day, be it morning or evening, and do some sort of physical workout – a walk, a game at badminton, hitting the gym – whatever you prefer. Mark Zuckerberg does it and so does Barrack Obama. Don’t say that you don’t have time for it.

It releases the good hormones in the body and de-stresses you instantly. And this is exactly what successful people need to spur them on to stress a little more each day.

  1. Feeding the Brain with a Good Book or Two

Talk to one successful people, or two, or all of them, you will find out that reading is an integral part of success in life. Reading, for some, de-stresses, and for some, is constant learning. It widens your horizons, and makes you wiser in more respects than one.

For that matter, reading is not of just one kind. You may like to read fiction, poetry, biographies, reports, articles, research – just about anything you like. It has a deep impact on your psyche; much deeper than you think it has. If you are reading non-fiction, it will impart you great communication skills. Fiction definitely has the power to enhance your vocabulary and give you your unique semantic and idiomatic expression. And, the best thing about this hobby is that it makes you pretty interesting besides providing you with ample matter for small talk as well as intelligent discussions.


  1. Adding another Course to Their Repertoire

Learning is something that successful people never cease to do. Mind you, we are talking of learning, not of procuring degrees. What almost all successful people do is find out time for adding skills to their existing repertoire.

Taking an online course, joining a part-time course in a college, enrolling for a local workshop, etc., are pretty nice ways to keep adding skills. The times are smart; so are the people who wish to grow. Complacence can only take you to the dogs. Take instructional courses to utilize your free time, and you will not regret it.

  1. Volunteering for the Greater Good

When you are privileged with success and comforts of life, the best you could do for being grateful is volunteer for the cause of greater good. Whether it is helping the underprivileged, or paving roads in the rural areas, helping clean the highway, mentoring young talented professionals, or anything that does some good to those who need it, it is welcome. Angelina Jolie is perhaps the perfect example of volunteering.

When you return the favor to the community, people feel happier. By the way, it is also a good way of networking. Knowingly, or unknowingly, it adds up to your contact list and fosters you forward.

  1. Expanding the Network

Well, networking happens at work all the time, but people who have tasted success know its worth outside work. At parties, breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, conventions, gatherings, the best thing that they do is build networks.

The thing about established people is that they are willing to go out of their comfort zones to make new acquaintances and links that will lead them to growth. This is no kind of endeavor to make links and increase sales, but to be well-known, and thus be an inevitable entity.

  1. Nurturing a Hobby

Focusing solely on the bull’s eye is what we think, the successful do in order to get there. It may sound very inspirational but the fact is that it is absolutely pressurizing. If one keeps doing only that, it is but natural to get all spent and stressed out.

Leisure activities let you have a breather. These not only save you from fatal monotony, but also keep you going on with all your faculties synchronized. Especially when you nurture a sport as a hobby, it not only de-stresses you but also teaches you important lessons of team-work and time-management.

Each hobby brings out something special in you, and that is a great thing. In that context, you must know that Will Smith practices fencing as his hobby. Now you know where the agility comes from.

  1. Not Forgetting Friends and Family

Success may amount to a big cipher if you have nobody to share your success with. Focusing and giving importance to career and career only can be suicidal when it comes to family, friends and relationships.

This is not to say that work be put second, but that a balance must be struck. You will not be able to relish your achievements of your loved ones are not a part of it.  Family is the number one support that you can always count on. Work isn’t, and achievers understand that.

Not everybody spends their time in leisure activities like these, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be successful. The fact of the matter is that such activities make more space for growth, expansion of mental horizon, and success in professional life.

If you haven’t yet, then you may start incorporating them one at a time, and see the difference that they make.




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