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In 1946, World Health organization (WHO) defined the meaning of Health.
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”
It is the most widely accepted meaning of the Health. In More recent years, the definition has been included the ability to lead a “socially and economically productive life”
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So here are some useful information regarding your health and fitness. You can browse through all of pages and see various stuffs related to Health like Guides, Tips and Tricks. You can learn How to keep you fit and Healthy, How things affect your Health and what is the real solution for these.

The Workout: Superband Strong (Video)

By |May 2016|

Check out the moves from this month’s superband workout, and use them to boost your next body-weight session.

The Workout: Train for the Trail (Video)

By |May 2016|

Kick Your strength Training into high gear with this amazing workout routine!!! Want to conceal your curve? Looking for ways to build muscle? Then this [...]

Extreme Social Networking Use Linked to Despondency in Youthful Adults

By |May 2016|

It is proposed by a new study that masses are almost thrice more likely to be discouraged. What can make you feel good is a [...]

Eat Dirt

By |May 2016|

Eat Dirt: Eat Dirt Can Be The Root Cause Of Your Problem Dr. Josh Axe in his new publication bring forth the facts  that studying [...]

It Could Be Mold

By |May 2016|

Just wondering what mold is ? Have you ever heard about the mold before?  If not, then guys you must be aware of this. You [...]

One Bad Night’s Sleep Can Affect Your Genes

By |May 2016|

One bad night sleep We all have heard and experienced that a sound sleep results in healthy body and fresh mind. Even a small disruption [...]

Connecting Acid Blockers & Adult Food Allergies

By |May 2016|

Here, a research is conducted to link up the acid blockers with the adult-onset food allergies. Well, I am sure you all might not be [...]


By |May 2016|

LOW-FAT DAIRY MAY JUST BROADEN THE CHANCE OF TYPE 2 DIABETES A latest study found, who picked full-fat dairy items were 50 percent more improbable [...]

Taking Notes: Advances in Treatments For Alzheimer’s

By |May 2016|

Have you ever heard about Alzheimer’s? Most of us are not aware of this common type of dementia that causes slowly progressive disease of the [...]

The Effectiveness OF AN Integrated Approach To The Treatment Of Allergic Reactions

By |May 2016|

Dr. Leo Galland’s, ideas on usual solutions for allergic reactions from this year’s Integrative well-being Symposium. Being a physician or can say a health journalist [...]