The cool things I adore about the Internet are you can discover tutorials, courses and you can find lessons for everything, and all of them at free of cost. Is it accurate to say that you are occupied with figuring out how to create or design your own site however don’t know when you’ll have sufficient time for this?

Did you ever try to buy an instrument or ever thought of learning to dance? But you fail to do so, as you are not able to afford the fee for that class? Has it happened when you try to repair something but do not know from where to get started? Following is the list of cool things you can learn online, at any place, where there is an Internet connection.

  1. Learn to Juggle – Juggling is fun with them.
  2. Learn to Crochet – Step by step guide to crochet.
  3. Web Design from Scratch – Guiding you to design beautiful websites from the start.
  4. Bartending 101 – Free instructional DVD for you!
  5. Learn to Waltz – Amazing way to spend those romantic moments at home.
  6. Learn how to script Perfect spot for those who have just stepped into scripting.
  7. Learn to Play Craps – Learn to play craps in minutes.
  8. An Introduction to Reading Music – Ever wanted to read music? Visit the website today to start now.
  9. Learn to Spin a Pencil – Simple pencil spinning instructions.
  10. Learn to Snowboard – Go through these simple steps before you actually hit the slopes.

Do you want some more cool stuff?

  1. Learn to Draw – From basics to becoming a pro, learn everything how to draw images and even people.
  2. Learn Harmonica – 12 Live classes per month for beginners to pro.
  3. – Simple tutorials for excellent home décor tips and guide.
  4. Learn Spanish – Simple courses for the prefect learning!
  5. Learn to Draw Portraits – Coolest art drawn in a few minutes.
  6. Learn to Chant – Is chanting your thing? Here is what I got for you!
  7. How to Play Bridge – Become an expert in playing bridge like never before!
  8. Learn to Change a Car Battery – Few maintenance automotive tips and you are good to go!
  9. Learn to Dance Merengue – Here is how you make those tough moves learnt easily!
  10. Learn to Belly Dance – Everything you needed to know about Belly Dancing

Here you are some more!

  1. Learn to Speak Mandarin – Speak Mandarin like a natural with some of the easy tutorials
  2. Learn to Make Money Online – Lots of ways to make money online but don’t choose the spammy ones
  3. Learn to Wakeboard –  Let’s explore wakeboard with these instructional videos
  4. Learn Fly Tying – Learn to fly without paying a penny
  5. Learn to Speak Japanese – Learning Japanese does seem easy here
  6. Learn BMX Bike Tricks – Now this is something cool!
  7. Learn to Break Dance – Shake your legs to that break dance music
  8. Learn to Knit – It’s a rocket science no more
  9. Learn to Talk Like a Pirate – Time to be like kids again
  10. Learn How to Make a Power Tool Drag Racer – Guy, you must take a look at this one
  11. Learn to Play Slide Guitar – Let’s give one shot for music
  12. Find the free online spelling course. It’s basically for homeschooling. Make the most of it for free
  13. Learn to Sew – The perfect tutorials guide of basic sewing and stitching
  14. Learn to JamSkate – It’s so easy and fun
  15. Learn to Drive a 19-Wheeler – This could be a great step for your career
  16. How to Find Clothing Bargains – Save some great bucks
  17. How to Apply Evening Eye Color – Get that stunning look for evening with these eye makeup tips
  18. Learn to Play Slot Machines – It’s not that difficult, at least try it once
  19. Learn to Dance Bachata – Fascinating dancing tips to make your partner jealous
  20. Learn to Disco – You can laugh and learn disco with these videos

Looking for more!

  1. Learn to Cook Peking Duck – Cooking skills let your partner fall for you
  2. Learn to Play Drums – Video tutorials for playing drums
  3. Learn to Play the Ukulele –  Don Ho has learned from this
  4. Learn to Massage – Relax and have fun
  5. Learn to Blog – Blogging can make you really rich

This ‘cool things’ list isn’t complete by any means. But it does give you an idea of some cool things you can learn if you look hard enough.