How to become a Genius? Get to know here:

1. Khan Academy

If ever you wondered, ‘how to become a genius’, but didn’t know what to do, Khan Academy is the perfect place to visit now. The academy wants to offer the education at the collegiate level for all those who are interested during a college course. And, they provide all the resources that are pretty essential for their learning along with all the subjects required at college level. Be it math, history, science, or any other subject, Khan Academy offers it all. So, it is a perfect platform for those who want their performance to be measured and progressed with time.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an absolutely free version of the Rosetta-Stone, which delivers the similar results that is teaching you a new language. As you visit the website regularly and read the stuff carefully, you can learn speaking and writing English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French as well. And, all this is a matter of months for them. But, learning a new language depends all on your skills and diligence you put into while learning these languages. The website has a lot of languages already and they are waiting for more to come.

3. Justin Guitar

If we talk about playing an instrument, perhaps, guitar is one of the toughest one to learn. Not just it want a lot of time to practice, but also need dedication and concentration to play it. Yes, you learn it on your own, but if you want someone to guide you in the right direction, Justin Guitar is the awesome store for learning how to play guitar correctly, and that too in a few days. For those who do not know how to start playing guitar and want someone to assist them with the notes, and free guitar lessons, Justin is always there to hold their hands and teach them how to play a guitar correctly. His schedule for learning is quite simple to follow, which is a great thing for everyone, especially beginners, who want to learn it asap.

4. Cooking for Engineers

Introduced by Michael Chu, the website is much more than just providing recipes to the people. They are all set to make food look and taste good like never before. Moreover, his take on all those ingredients and recipes is something that can blow your mind. So, go ahead and make your cooking time the best time with Cooking for Engineers.

5. The Dating Specialist 2014-4-18 3 26 30

Nick is the dating specialist website that help all those persons who are looking for a better date. Once you reach the website, you will see the site full of advices on how to approach social situations and flirtatious successfully. And, not just with one person, but different categories of person, who come your way. Nick even offers personal coaching, on request to guide you in some specific situation, where you feel anxious and nervous about getting into a relationship the most. So, go to the website and get ready to meet your dream date today.

6. Nerd Fitness 2014-4-18 3 29 22

Almost all of us think of those hardcore exercises and tough gym techniques, when it comes to those bodybuilders and jocks from high schools. Nerd fitness is a website that clears all the myths about the fitness and those exercises. A website aims at providing all the essential resources that can help you in getting back in shape. Nerd has his own theory when it comes to getting back in shape, which he has shared on the website with all those who wish to live a healthy life. You will see how these guides, blogs, and tips are dipped in geek flavor at the website. And, all this is intended to make anyone feel absolutely at peace and comfort when visiting gym, just like you feel at your home.

7. MIT Open Courseware 2014-4-18 3 32 19

When you want to learn about tons of courses altogether at one place, what can be better than MIT open courseware to acquaint yourself to too many things. The educators at the MIS open courseware give out information on almost any topic that exists in the world. Thousands of people have been making their lives easier by learning many things through this open courseware. So, let the world be more informative with MIT open Courseware today.

8. Investopedia 2014-4-18 3 35 20

You know why Investopedia was born? Well, to provide those informative news blogs that can make it simple for us to digest and understand the financial markets properly. With the help of those tutorials and videos, you will be updated with the every-changing world of money. And, how we can forget about those news stories that will keep you coming back for more every time.

9. Quora 2014-4-18 3 46 0

Have you ever wished to ask some famous personality a question, but never got a chance to do so? Well, if you are nodding your head right now, it is the right time you visit Quora for reading the opinions and answers of all those fascinating questions, which are given by all the popular experts. You can simply answer questions and get feedback from all those who share your love for a given topic.

10. Information is Beautiful 2014-4-18 3 54 0

Want something that can soothe your pretty eyes? Why not visit Information is beautiful, which is a great platform to see those gorgeous visuals to impart data. For instance, if you simply want to find out how much money any organization has lost from data breaches, you can view an action visual that shows bubbles, which are labeled and sized accordingly. So, the website gives pleasure to the eyes, when you want to find an answer of a question rather than just showing up some information. In short, you get in-depth informative data along with some cool graphics, which makes your reading experience better than the best.

So, with all these websites, we hope that you might have landed answers to your query of ‘ how to become a genius ’ easily. Why not go ahead and checkout these websites and get answers to all your questions right away?

All the best!