We have received many requests for an innovative feature from our users in last many years. But, what we have heard for many times is one suggestion, which we are finally making a reality. This is the great suggestion for which we are feeling proud to introduce the ability to make you view it on 360 Videos on YouTube, just next to Snoop Dogg.

However, we call it SnoopaVision. A cutting-edge 360 experience is an amalgamation of two undeniable trends- 360 is the future and SnoopDogg.

Get it kicked off by just clicking the SnoopaVision icon in the lower right of any video. You can try it now for watching the most popular videos like “6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon”,“Double Rainbow Song”, and more at youtube.com/snoopavision.

Sometimes, it becomes the most evident YouTube ideas that are best especially with SnoopaVision.