Yes! Knowledge is the power and with these 40 educational websites, no one can stop you from becoming cleverer right now-

1. Make the best of your study through thousands of micro-lectures on topics based on history, medicines, chemistry, and computer science.
2. Prevent the world from hunger by answering multiple-choice questions correctly on various subjects.
3. Enhance your learning skills for life and better your insights with the content available here.
4. Read all the awesome and inspiring articles here.
5. Full of educational videos, you have abundance of options to choose from.
6. An ultimate educational website that works with top universities to share the knowledge about the courses they provide.
7. The world’s most innovative Smartphone is here! Learn about it with advanced outlook of mobile tech.
8. Boost your knowledge of geography, math, and other subjects with a collection of browser-based games.
9. This site contains TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) where knowledgeable speakers address different topics in short videos less than 18 minutes for your easy understanding.
10. Get to know about all the strategies that are helpful in improving all phases of your life in a better way.
11. All you will get here is the knowledge.
12. With the informative infographic, you can easily grab the knowledge of visual format.
13. Practice and learn! Enhance your math skills with a simple game.
14. Get yourself introduced to the wonderful world of books and writing.
15. Learn how to play guitar with the help of basic music theory.
16. Free to go! Learn different languages anytime, anywhere
17. Quick learning with flashcards spaced due to spacing effect.
18. Explore your potential in the world of food with step-by-step guide for preparing appetizing dishes.
19. A professional dating coach provides a weekly blog on a different type of topics related to relationships.
20. Read all the blogs and learn how you can make your life simpler.
21. Fitness Lessons for the beginners
22. Interesting articles to read that make you think good a big smile on your face.
23. Compendium of free learning resources from all courses to videos/ films
24. Review charities for your easy research of your interests.
25. Its tagline defines all “Correspondence deserving of a wider audience”
26. A daily dose of relevant information, quotes, and other random things
27. MIT Open Courseware: Free access to MIT courses that are on par with more than your expectations.
28. Introductory courses for various programming languages and web technologies
29. Get to know about the world of finance from basic terminology thoroughly of various areas of investing.
30. Avail the free courses that focus on mathematics and programming for the people of all skill levels.
31. Write posts in a language you are learning and get them critiqued by a native speaker.
32. Find a new caterer with this job hunting site
33. Learn from redditors that are for very own university or try to teach them.
34. Video collection where bill breaks down different feats of engineering in layman’s language.
35. Make your contribution towards the study of nature, science, and culture.
36. Ask questions you want to know and answer questions you know about. Share your opinions too.
37. A captivating video and tutorial collection related to mathematics and computer science.
38. Read all the articles from higher education journals and publications on this education for website.
39. Useful site for you to learn basic things
40. A community with the idea of being fluent in multiple languages with the goal of conversational glibness
41. Know about the science behind fitness into simple language.