Based on our experience, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Counter Strike Global Offensive is one brilliant game that belongs to an altogether different dimension. It’s a game that does not necessarily need to exist. As per the records shown by Steamgraph, there are about tens of thousands of PC gamers who are rightly served by Counter Strike: Source and CS 1.6.

Moving further, here’s an in-depth CS GO review that you must go through.

GO is seen mostly like the mirror image of Desert Eagles and offers the de_dust déjà vu, quantum-leaping from some non-existential parallel timeline whose fickle game fraternity collided with ours. This collision left behind what we know as GO today. While you play it, you may feel like running into an old flame at the Walmart. You’ll recognize the differences immediately. However, the experience with be quite pleasant. Well, for most of us!

GO’similarity to its predecessors hurts as well as a helps.  The minor differences that you can easily notice are:

  • The MP5 is now the MP7.
  • The MP9 takes the place of TMP.
  • When you shoot someone in GO, there is no wincing that comes out. Instead, a sneeze of blood, and audio that conveys you’re hitting them is what you get on the screen now. We’re quite upset over this weird animation tweak made by the makers.
  • The CS GO bullet tracers are quite unreliable too. They make seem to trail the path of your target but hit a different place than targeted.
  • The only changes that excited us are the ones done to the maps.

The changes made to existing maps are clever and careful. However, the cracked glass is more opaque now and makes it quite difficult to go on sniping attacks in spaces like cs_office’s main hall.

Considering these adjustments to classic maps, CS GO’s NEW mode adds slightly to the puzzlement mainly because they come bundled with mediocre maps. There are a total of 16 maps, of which, 8 are relatively new but are all locked to the Demolition and Arms Race mode!

Once you log into the game for more than 40 hours, you’ll want to stop playing these two modes. After 50 hours logged, I’ve stopped playing these modes completely. Both these modes, Demolition and Arms Race are quite safe and unimaginative as compared to the predecessors that we’ve already played. We would like recommend the makers to revamp the VIP scenarios to boost the game’s performance. There are several design hiccoughs that you can come across while going through these modes.

Coming back to the new maps, they are aesthetically quite alluring. de_bank tries to emulate the indulgence of fighting around Burger Town in Modern Warfare. Also, de_lake and de_safehouse let you undertake a gunbattle inside a multi-storied cottage. However, we think that these maps have been made trivial as compared to their parent maps on purpose. Most of these are quite compact and are designed to provide support to meat-grind, instant-action and gameplay that may remind you of Call of Duty.

Overall, we feel and would like o convey through this CS GO review is that Valve and Hidden Path may have missed an opportunity here to add a new classic map and create a legenadary version of Office, Italy, Dust, Dust2, Aztec, Inferno, Nuke and Train. This could have been their opportunity to improve small mapis like cs_estate or cs_crackhouse. But instead, they chose to add eight maps that lack personality and functionality in total.

With these dubious adjustments and new maps, GO produces typical Counter Strike moments.

CS GO is priced at $15 ticket and offers a bleak reconnection to that old-age, nostalgic moments that Counter Strike is best known for. Even today, it is a game about positioning, timing, and critical thinking.

Some changes that are made that revitalize the game that we’ve been playing for over a decade now. The new scoreboard is wonderful. There’s both a server browser and a party system, if you prefer that. There’s a slider hat improve sthe user interface. New players can practice against bots offline. And although a few of the weapon models are unambitious (the Nova and sawed-off shotguns look like drug store toys; the AWP and the Scout resemble one another a little too closely), I love that there’s multiple sets of character models for both teams–cs_office and cs_italy’s Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists look and sound completely different.

I expect you’ll like most of the new weapons, too: the PP-Bizon is a cheap, 64-shot SMG. The MAG-7 shotgun is slow-firing (and slow-reloading, as it’s magazine-fed) but absolutely deadly. I like that heavy machine guns are no longer total novelties, and are viable in a few situations. The Molotov and incendiary grenade fold into Counter Strike core concept (iterating on tactics between rounds) beautifully because they’re throwable walls of fire that can deaden the momentum of successful enemy tactics.

In summary: go, go, go. I’m hopeful that the competitive community will fill in the map and mode gaps left by Valve and Hidden Path. Zombie Mod is a good start.