Hey, International Battle Pass 2016 is out and this is what you will get to enjoy!

This power packed game comes with many in-game items that unlocking other levels, through which, you can easily level up and win the battle. The player can simply finish the game by winning wagers, completing quests, putting more real money into it and unlocking community goals.

The International 2016 Battle Pass also includes the International Compendium. It is the

Interactive resource of predictions and player profiles, which all you gamers will be seeing soon. 25 percent of each Battle Pass sale will simply be added to the overall prize pool for The International tournament. Now, that something great, right?

Following is the list of things you’ll get in the basic International 2016 battle pass:

  • Three immortal treasures
  • Seasonal Terrain (Immortal Gardens)
  • Taunt
  • Weather Effect
  • Music Pack
  • Cursor Pack
  • Evolving Ward
  • Emoticon Pack
  • Evolving Courier (Onibi)
  • HUD
  • Loading Screens
  • Effigy Block
  • Announcer Pack

The main objectives are Quest, which you need to achieve in this game, and you can bet on matches to get bonus Battle Points only, if you win.

And, in case you upgrade your International 2016 Battle Pass, it will grant you new in-game effects and taunts, new levels of Immortal Treasure, and your courier will begin to change form. When you will reach level 1000, the in-game fountain will show up the special glow effect.

You will thereafter receive an invitation of 1/5th scale alloy replica of the Aegis of Champions also!

The prize pool reached to over $18 million the previous year, and we are expecting this record

will be broken this year. Extra treasure rewards will be given to every Battle pass owners, if it will cross the last year’s record.

To know more have a look at the official Dota 2 International Battle Pass 2016.